Our bodies are designed to be healthy. We can fight off infections and self-heal when injury occurs. However, in our modern world, the body is regularly under assault. Unhealthy diets, environmental toxins and chronic stress deplete energy levels and break down our immune systems. When our resistance is lowered, the body cries for help with symptoms.

We believe they body wants to be in balance and if you remove the cause of the symptoms the body will heal itself.  During your assessment, we will identify the body's primary source of stress and rebalance it before it progresses into more damaging issues.

 Your ability to heal, your energy level and more can be linked to nutrition. Your body must be able to digest food properly and utilize the nutrients accordingly; otherwise your immune system will need to work overtime, making you more susceptible to illness. Many systemic issues may have their origins in a diet you are struggling to digest.

During the Health & Digestive Assessment, we will perform a viscero-somatic palpation exam to uncover manifestations of poor health and digestion by identifying stressed organ systems. When an organ is under stress, there is increased muscle tension around it because each digestive organ shares a common nerve supply with specific muscles. By palpating, or "feeling", the muscles around the organs, we can determine if those organs are stressed due to poor digestion. 

A Health & Digestive Assessment can evaluate the cause behind common symptoms such as:

  • Stiff, sore joints

  • Headaches

  • Heartburn

  • Indigestion

  • Gas & Bloating

  • Constipation

  • Anxiety

  • Sleep Issues

Our multi-layered approach allows for a more thorough understanding of your body's source of stress and gives us a better picture of the core issues. This enables us to get to the heart of the matter rather than chase symptoms. For those who struggle with chronic health issues, a 24-hour urinalysis may also be recommended.

Prior to your appointment, please complete the following paperwork:

  • Health and Digestive Assessment Form

Health & Digestive Assessment: $160

Follow Up: $85

*All recommendations are made for your general well-being and health. Neither the Biomeridian Stress Test, nor the Natural Health Professional, will provide a medical diagnosis nor treatment. We suggest you consult with your primary doctor for diagnosis and treatment of specific medical conditions