If you want to improve your health and well-being, but our Wisconsin and Colorado offices are too far away, we recommend a Distance Health & Digestive Assessment!.  Karen Cino, PhD, MH will personally and thoroughly review your health history over the phone, and then assess your current health challenges utilizing hair and saliva samples.  Karen will then work with you to develop an individual, comprehensive wellness plan. Follow-up phone calls keep you on track and allow Karen to adjust your plan as needed. The Distance Health & Digestive Assessment accomplishes the same results as our regular Health Assessment without the office visit.

Prior to your appointment, please complete the following paperwork:

  • Health and Digestive Assessment Form

Distance Health Assessment: $160
Follow Up: $85

*All recommendations are made for your general well-being and health. Neither the Biomeridian Stress Test, nor the Natural Health Professional, will provide a medical diagnosis nor treatment. We suggest you consult with your primary doctor for diagnosis and treatment of specific medical conditions.