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​Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired?

​Salveo Holistic Wellness provides the best in complementary and alternative healthcare by using science, education and experience to create an individualized and effective whole body solution.



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We have helped over 3,00​0 clients restore their health. 

"Salveo Wellness has been a lifesaver for me and my daughter.  I was in constant pain for hours after consuming anything; we spent tens of thousands of dollars on tests, and all mainstream healthcare could offer was to tell me I had IBS and give me prescription after prescription. The meds didn't help and I was always in pain, so after about two months of feeling miserable I contacted Salveo Wellness. At my first visit Karen told me that this would be an easy fix, and within two weeks I was feeling like myself again-the pain was gone!!   

About a year later my 12 year old daughter became terribly ill with an autoimmune disorder called ITP, and she spent a week in the hospital to get an acute attack under control. We were told that she would probably continue to have these attacks for at least a year, and quite possibly for the rest of her life. I left a message for Karen while at the hospital; Karen got back to me right away and reassured and encouraged me. She also shared her knowledge and insight into what often triggers ITP. My daughter was seen at Salveo following her discharge from the hospital and a health plan was created and followed. I am so happy to report that my daughter has never had another attack! The doctor was pleasantly surprised, and my daughter has since been discharged from her care.  

I am so thankful to Karen and the staff at Salveo for their dedication, knowledge, and genuine concern for the health and wellbeing of others. Karen's and the staff's knowledge, commitment, and genuine concern for our wellbeing has been amazing. I highly recommend Salveo Holistic Wellness!​"​

Teri M.​​


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